We are pleased about two nom­in­a­tions for ICMA 2022:

Cat­egory: Cham­ber Music
Grigori Frid: Phädra op. 78,1 / piano quin­tet op. 72 
(with Elis­aveta Blumina)

Cat­egory: Assor­ted Pro­grams
Georgi Catoire: piano con­certo / piano quin­tet op. 28 /
                             piano quar­tet op. 31
(with Oliv­er Triendl and RSB Berlin)

Vol. 4 (2 CDs) of our Dvořák com­plete record­ing was pub­lished on Octo­ber 5, 2021.

String Quar­tets No. 2 in B flat major and No. 5 in F minor op. 9
Trio C major op. 74 for wo viol­ins and viola

Chris­ti­an Joost’s cla­ri­net quin­tet at Schwet­zin­gen Moz­art Fest­iv­al 2021:

“The cel­eb­rated world premiere of the Vogler Quar­tet (…)
The renowned ensemble gave an impress­ive demon­stra­tion of what abso­lute music sounds like.“
Schwet­zinger Zei­tung, Maria Herlo, 12.10.2021

Finally !

On June 6th we were able to play our first con­cert with audi­ence since the end of October !

A great feel­ing in a won­der­ful loc­a­tion, the Kul­tur­brauerei Berlin.

Unfor­tu­nately the SLIGO INTER­NA­TION­AL CHAM­BER MUSIC FEE­SIV­AL 2021 could­n’t take place.

Here you can hear our online con­cert (recor­ded at Delphi Theatre in Berlin):

Beeth­oven, string quar­tet  C minor op. 18/4

Fur­ther releases in 2021

Georgi Catoire:
Piano Quin­tet op. 28 (1914) and Piano Quar­tet op. 31 (1916)

Rar­ity turns out to be a discovery

Ini­ti­at­or for the record­ing (at Deutsch­land­funk in Cologne in May 2020) is the pian­ist Oliv­er Triendl, our long­stand­ing cham­ber music part­ner and a proven spe­cial­ist in find­ing unknown, often wrongly for­got­ten repertoire.

The CD was released by Capric­cio on 8 Janu­ary 2021.

Grigori Frid: “Phädra” op. 78,1 and Piano Quin­tet op. 72

World premiere on CD
released on 5 Feb­ru­ary 2021 

Beeth­oven cycle as streaming

Our Beeth­oven cycle at Holzhau­senschloesschen Frank­furt from 11–20 Novem­ber 2020 unfor­tu­nately could not take place as planned due to the corona pandemic. 

The organ­izer Buer­ger­stif­tung Frank­furt, recor­ded three con­certs without audience. 

The con­certs can be accessed on the organizer’s media lib­rary or on our web­site under “media”.

Pro­gramme 1:
Beeth­oven: string quar­tets F major op. 18,1 / C major op. 59,3 / c sharp minor op. 131

Pro­gramme 2:
Beeth­oven: string quar­tets A major op. 18,5 / B flat major op. 130

Pro­gramme 3:
Beeth­oven: string quar­tets G major op. 18,2 / f minor op. 95 / E flat major op. 127


Our cham­ber music series at Konzer­thaus Berlin 

Our next con­cert of the series planned for March 6, 2021 has to be can­celled. We will hope­fully be able to give you a catch-up date soon.

In the 2021/22 sea­son we hope for nor­mal con­certs with 4 dates.
Please make a note of the fol­low­ing Sat­urdays:
18.12.2021 / 29.01.2022 / 02.04.2022 / 21.05.2022

This sea­son will be a com­bin­a­tion of two catch-up con­certs from the 2020/21 sea­son with pure Beeth­oven pro­grammes and a com­bin­a­tion of Beeth­oven plus Dov­rak and Janacek. In the last con­cert — themed ‘Kreutzer Son­ata’ -, the act­or Till Wein­heimer (with a read­ing of excerpts from Tolstoi’s ‘Kreutzer Son­ata’) and the pian­ist Cas­par Frantz will be our guests.

The exact sea­son pro­gramme can be found under our projects.